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Fantasy Football

Pros vs Joes Daily Factoid
2016 Pros vs Joes Daily Factoid #3

2016 FFPC ProsVsJoes "Joes" Selection Countdown

18 Days Left until May 31st.

Pros vs Joes Daily Factoid #3

In the 2014 Pros vs Joes competition, The Guru, John Hansen (@Fantasy_Guru) emerged as the champion of the "Fat Albert" division, defeating other industry notables such as Jared Smola (@SmolaDS) and JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB).

What most people don't know is that John's first pick, at #2 overall, was autopicked on a timeout. The system drafted Matt Forte there, who killed it that year with 102 catches and ended up the #2 scoring RB overall.

Who did John intend to pick? It was LeSean McCoy, who missed 3 games due to injury, and finished as the #14 overall running back.

Of course, John selecting Antonio Brown late in the second round helped. He finished as the #1 scoring receiver that year. And drafting Odell Beckham in his rookie year (who averaged 32 points per game at the end of that year), played a key part in his victory as well.

Nevertheless, they say you can't win your league with your first round pick. This is proof that this is not true.

Here is the draft board from that draft


Early Bird registrants of the 2016 FFPC Main Event are eligible for selection as a "Joe" to compete with industry experts across 6 individual leagues that each award a free entry into the 2017 FFPC Main Event.

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