2018 FFPC Best Ball Winning Rosters Analysis

We’ve analyzed the 2018 FFPC dataset, looking at the players drafted, the teams that won, and try to mesh the two worlds together to identify what players and roster construction profiles yielded the best results in 2018. There are a variety of angles examined to look at what led to success in 2018.

The reports below examine:

  1. Player Selection
  2. Roster Construction
  3. Draft position

In our opinion, player experience will also factor into the success of a given roster construction. You cannot expect to simply apply a given roster construction scenario and expect success. There are FFPC players that implement what seem to be odd draft strategies that at face value may seem suboptimal. But if you know the history of FFPC, and who the successful players are, you have a different perspective of what may otherwise seem to be an odd roster combination.

Analysis Description


Analyze all WINNING 2018 Best Ball Teams (came in 1st place) to identify what players were owned, and the percentage of winning teams that those players were rostered on. REPORT
2018 Winning Best Ball Roster Construction. Break down all combinations of roster construction (QB/RB/WR/TE/K/D). What were the frequency and win rate of each combination? REPORT
2018 Best Ball Win Rate By Number Drafted At Position. Examine the winningest numbers of players drafted at a particular position (regardless of what was done at the other positions) REPORT
2018 Best Ball Win Rate By Draft Slot. REPORT
2018 Best Ball Win Rate By Starting Combination. Examine the positions drafted by teams with their first two picks across all Best Ball drafts and calculate the win rates by each combination. REPORT