Stuck in a Login Loop?

A few users seem to have a login issue where they login, access a subscriber page, and then are asked to login in again. Here are three ways folks have eliminated the problem.

1) Simply click on the “Home” menu bar item and then navigate to your desired adp page

2) Perform a hard logout then login in again (Works 95% of the time)

    • Go to the Login Page HERE
    • If it shows you as logged in, logout then login again

    3) Remove cookies for the site

    • On your computer, open Chrome.
    • At the top right, click the “3 dots” and click Settings.
    • On the left menu, navigate to “Privacy and security,” find and click “Cookies and other site data”.
    • Find and click “See all cookies and site data”.
    • At the top right, see “Search Cookies” and enter “fantasymojo”.
    • In the results, to the right of any lines associated with the site, click Remove (or trashcan icon).
    • Go back to the login page HERE