2023 Dynasty Cutdowns Tracker

On March 31st of this year, FFPC Dynasty leagues must cutdown rosters to 16 players per team. In the past, after the cutdown deadline has passed, we published a Dynasty League Cutdown Analysis which lists the players rostered across all dynasty leagues and shows the number of player cuts made in the leagues. For 2023, we are diving into the data to track cutdowns being made as we approach the deadline. These totals and associated ‘cut percentages’ are broken down to show 1 QB league data, Superflex league data, and ALL league data since QB cuts will be heavier in 1 QB leagues where their value is less than the Superflex leagues (see image below for sample of the 2022 analysis).

Determining which players to cut is subjective based on the value a team owner places on the player and the current roster composition of a team (ie a team weak at the RB position may be less likely to cut a borderline RB than a team that has a strong running back corps).

The data in the Dynasty Cutdown tracker shows how many teams are keeping a player rostered for 2023 by listing the number of leagues that they were rostered on at the end of 2022 vs the number of leagues rostered as of the analysis for this year (2023) . This may assist in helping a team owner gauge player value when deciding which players to keep and drop during the cutdown period, similar to how ADP gauges value of players in drafts.

To view the 2023 Dynasty Cutdown tracker [CLICK HERE]