2019 FFPC Main Event Winners Analysis

The ultimate goal of any player participating in the FFPC Main Event is to take down the overall grand prize. With hundreds of thousands of dollars at the end of those rainbows, players want EVERY edge they can find to put themselves in a position to take down the big prize. Multiple entries, hoarding of rookies, contrarian draft strategies, and aggressive waiver wire bidding are aspects of these competitions.

In this analysis, we’ve taken a deep dive into the top 5 finishers in the Main Event competition from 2019. We charted out the championship round rosters of all the teams that finished Top 5 Overall.

The master chart that we compile will show:

• Every player rostered on every top 5 finisher during the championship rounds (weeks 14-16)
• Where each player’s performance ranked within their position during the championship rounds
• Which teams had rookies
• Which players were acquired via waivers
• A link to the draft board of every team’s draft (if drafted online)

Beyond the chart, we get into an analysis of those teams.

• How many rookies did they draft?
• What players were commonly owned (ie the “league winners”)?
• What was the ADP of those league winners?
• Were the teams drafted Live or Online? (ie. Is online competition softer?)
• What draft slot did these winning teams get drafted from?

While these data points won’t provide a map of how to win the competition, it’s interesting to note what the characteristics are of the teams that win (or come close to winning) it all. There can be misconceptions of how much a draft plays into winning the title, so this adds some color to the other element of team ownership that come into play.