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2018 FFPC Best Ball Winning Roster Construction

Cracking the code of the best roster construction in FFPC Best Ball drafts has been pursued by many. Because of the unique scoring and lineup requirements of the format, it is difficult to say definitively that “x” number of players drafted at each position provides

Best Ball ADP – 2019 FFPC February

***** Note: ADP Become Subscriber Only Content 4/15 **** Best Ball Satellites drafted Friday 02/01 thru Thursday 02/28 (generated Mar-01-2019 06:38) Overall Player Drafted Position Leagues Drafted Min Draft Pos Avg Draft Pos Max Draft Pos 1 Saquon Barkley RB 38 1 (1.1) 1 (1.1)

2018 FFPC League Prize Winners

See the prize winners, draft board, and rosters for most every FFPC league drafted in 2018. The google doc below contains a listing of most all 2018 FFPC league winners with the prize(s) they received. All 2018 FFPC Prize Winners Members can dive deeper. View

2018 Pros vs Joes Leaderboard

2018 Pros vs Joes FINAL Leaderboard Overall League Tot Score Player Team (Green=Division Leader) Javier’s Preseason OddsToWin Div 1 League 3 3109.75 JOE Caleb Alcorn / Sean Isaacs Not a Joe, bro. 20 / 1 2 League 6 3073.4 JOE Sky Eilers Yosemite Sam Bradford