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Fantasy Football

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MyFantasyLeague Enhanced Reporting Offers MyFantasyLeague Enhanced Reporting

Are you one of those fantasy owners who joins more leagues than he can handle? In some cases, you may have done this intentionally, but in either case, setting your weekly starting lineups, or working the waiver wire can be overwhelming.

If your leagues are hosted at, you may want to check out a new feature just released at It's our enhanced MyFantasyLeague reporting. Simply select the leagues you are in and generate a comprehensive report that covers all your leagues in one shot. Best of all these reports are exportable in a variety of file formats, so you can easily print the information out, or work with it inside another application like Excel.

Are you a draft junkie who loves to analyze the ebb and flow of a draft? Then also check out our Draft Grid Colorizer feature, which lets you input the league id of any MFL draft, and spits out the draft results in a grid with color.

Pick up on the draft patterns of a given scoring system to give you an edge when you draft. Use it to analyze the draft strategies of your opponents. This is an awesome feature.

To use the draft grid colorizer, simply substitute the leagueid at the end of this URL with your MFL league id.