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2018 Pros vs Joes Leaderboard

2018 Pros vs Joes FINAL Leaderboard Overall League Tot Score Player Team (Green=Division Leader) Javier’s Preseason OddsToWin Div 1 League 3 3109.75 JOE Caleb Alcorn / Sean Isaacs Not a Joe, bro. 20 / 1 2 League 6 3073.4 JOE Sky Eilers Yosemite Sam Bradford

2018 FFPC Leagues

See the draft board, draft report, and rosters for EVERY FFPC league drafted in 2018. League data broken down by league type Main Event Footballguys Classic Best Ball Dynasty Other Super Bracket Terminator Varsity Big Payback High Society Auction

2018 FFPC Player Owned/Started Percentages

Date Main Event Footballguys Players Championship Season Long Summary [Report] [Report] Week 11 Monday 11/19 [Report] [Report] Week 10 Monday 11/12 [Report] [Report] Week 9 Monday 11/5 [Report] [Report] Week 8 Monday 10/29 [Report] [Report] Week 8 Friday 10/26 [Report] [Report] Week 7 Monday 10/22